Month: February 2020

Bonus – Retro Spectives Podcast: How Does Halo Hold Up?

On the 15th of November, 2001, the Xbox launched with a tremendous bang. Not since Super Mario World for the SNES had a launch title been so well regarded. Halo invented, and went on to define how console FPS games should be made – limited weapons, regenerating health, slight auto-aim – Halo made these the…

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053 – The Democr-App-tic Process

The Hiatis will have to wait! Sam is in the studio to explain the Iowa Caucuses and Camerons around to explain how to name your secret software development firm! Enjoy the episode? Please consider supporting the show by donating to our tip jar or on Patreon. Donations help everyone. They help cut down on ads…

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052 – Star Wars: Not Quite SciFi

Dear Listener, First off, thanks for listening to all the stuff I’ve created over the past year. I’ve put a lot of effort into it and I really appreciate knowing folks enjoyed it. This episode in particular was ultra special to me for 2 reason. 1) It caps off a year of hard work interviewing…

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