052 – Star Wars: Not Quite SciFi

052 – Star Wars: Not Quite SciFi

Dear Listener,

First off, thanks for listening to all the stuff I’ve created over the past year. I’ve put a lot of effort into it and I really appreciate knowing folks enjoyed it. This episode in particular was ultra special to me for 2 reason. 1) It caps off a year of hard work interviewing and learning from some truly amazing folks. 2) It was my chance to introduce y’all to a project my brother (your mind fiend) has been hard at work on! You may not have guessed but in addition to being a Star Wars super nerd he is a Film Maker, which made him uniquely qualified to help with his episode. And he is so passionate about film making and cinematography (which is his actual profession) that he and his buddy started the You Tube channel Frame Forge. They have covered everything from how to make a good film to why we love the films we do, and best of all they helped make a video version of this episode which you can see over on Sweating The Small Stuff’s own channel!!! …I highly recommend you check it out!

All this to say, it’s been an amazing year, and journey, and I really appreciate all the love and support from each of you. And I really do hope to hear from each and everyone of you because I think we all have awesome stories and ideas to share!

Your Personal Brain Trainer

P.S. if you wanna get in touch there are a ton of ways to do so on the site

Check out Frame Forge here
And the video version of this episode here

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