Bonus – Retro Spectives Podcast: How Does Halo Hold Up?

Bonus – Retro Spectives Podcast: How Does Halo Hold Up?

On the 15th of November, 2001, the Xbox launched with a tremendous bang. Not since Super Mario World for the SNES had a launch title been so well regarded. Halo invented, and went on to define how console FPS games should be made – limited weapons, regenerating health, slight auto-aim – Halo made these the industry standard. Halo was seen as a masterpiece – not just for its single player campaign, but for its fun couch co-op mode and competitive multiplayer.

But has Halo actually stood the test of time, 18 years later? With a million sequels to its name, and the Masterchief Collection delivering a remaster of the games, is it just a nostalgic trip to visit the grandfather of console FPS? Or does it stand up strong alongside its peers, and show the world that Halo is a true classic?

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