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034 – Matt Brady: A Better Way To Teach, Powered by Pop Culture

Getting serious with TheScienceOf

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033 – Indiana Jones: And The Crumbling Crusade

Traps take time that the Templar's don't have....

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032 – Indiana Jones: And The Temple Of Doomed Design

Some puzzles are easier to solve than others...

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031 – Indiana Jones: How to Booby Trap Your Golden Idol

Pro Tip: Don't Use A Giant Boulder

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030 – What Does ‘Africa’ by Toto Have To Do With Hurricane Dorian And What You Can Do About It

A Floridian's Guide To Hurricane Survival

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029 – Dr Wiley, Dr Eggman, Elon Musk: Mad, Scientist, Or Engineer

Who's more mad than Elon Musk? And is Doc Brown really a Scientist?

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