Sweating The Small Stuff

Explore the science, stories, and misconceptions behind your favorite pop culture moments


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043 – iRobot and the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Demolition Man did it first, Minority Report did it better

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042 – Inception: The Power Of Dreams With Sleep Expert Tucker Peck

Sleep Expert Tucker Peck And The Importance Of Drug Free Sleep

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041 – Pacific Rim vs Neon Genesis Evangelion: How To Build A Better Titan

It turns out giant robots make less sense than giant people

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040 – Ant-Man, James Kakalios, And The Physics Of Superheroes!

Is Ant-Man Scientifically Accurate?

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039 – Godzilla: The Scale Of Life

Is Godzilla Too Big? And How Does He Stack Up Against Biology?!

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038 – Star Trek: Universal Translator REDUX!

Turns out that there are some very clever people out there also sweating the small stuff about Universal Translators!

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