Sweating The Small Stuff

Explore the science, stories, and misconceptions behind your favorite pop culture moments.

Hosted ByCameron Boozarjomehri

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040 – Ant-Man, James Kakalios, And The Physics Of Superheroes!

Is Ant-Man Scientifically Accurate?

039 – Godzilla: The Scale Of Life

Is Godzilla Too Big? And How Does He Stack Up Against Biology?!

038 – Star Trek: Universal Translator REDUX!

Turns out that there are some very clever people out there also sweating the small stuff about Universal Translators!

037 – Hackable?: Bringing Cyber Security To The Masses!

Geoff Siskind and Bruce Snell are on a mission to protect your digital identity!

036 – Oceans 8: Movie Hacking With Cyber Expert Bruce Snell

A Cyber Experts Guide To Realistic Movie Hacks!

035 – The Good Place: Do you Know The Real Cost Of Your Actions?

A Lesson From The Good Place On Unintended Consequences For The Past 500 Years

034 – Matt Brady: A Better Way To Teach, Powered by Pop Culture

Getting serious with TheScienceOf

033 – Indiana Jones: And The Crumbling Crusade

Traps take time that the Templar’s don’t have….

032 – Indiana Jones: And The Temple Of Doomed Design

Some puzzles are easier to solve than others…